Latest news: On 28 July 2019, Black Dragons agreed to merge with Adelaide Sea Dragons

Adelaide Sea Dragons

Teams from Adelaide Sea Dragons Club have competed in the following Club Crew World Championships in the following countries:

  • Cape Town, South Africa in 2004
  • Penang, Malaysia in 2008 earning a Silver & Bronze medals
  • Macau, Hong Kong in 2010 earning three Silvers
  • Hong Kong in 2012 earning one Gold, one Silver & one Bronze
  • Ravenna, Italy 2014 earning one Silver & two Bronze
  • Adelaide, South Australia earning two Gold & two Bronze

In 2016 our Senior C Mixed 10’s crew won Gold in 200mts and 500mts at State, Australian Nationals and World Club Crews.

Club members have represented Australia at the following World Championships:

  • 2004 World Championship in Shanghai China:
  • 2011 World Championship in Tampa Florida USA
  • 2013 World Championship in Hungary
  • 2015 World Championship in Canada

Adelaide Sea Dragons hold the record for the 200 km Murray Marathon Canoe Club Murray River Race set in 2008 and have also competed numerous times in the 100Km.